Debra Dobkin

Artist Statement

I was schooled in the style of classical painters but my approach to artwork comes from an improvisational point of reference much like that of a group of musicians creating a piece of music. Creating something from my ever-growing collection of my photography, saved paper, and memories, I arrive at something uniquely personal. In the process, I cover and uncover them like discovered treasure until the image and the story is revealed. My inspiration comes from reading the news, watching people in their environments, a piece of music, or simply witnessing the beauty of a reflected light from an object real or imagined.


Debra Dobkin was born in Chicago and started painting at an early age at the Art Institute of Chicago children's program. In addition to pursuing a life in the visual arts, she is an accomplished percussionist/drummer. While traveling and playing music professionally around the world, she has continued to study, draw, photograph and paint. Her work now holds the richness of those experiences.



CD and LP Cover Art and Design